Friday, 17 February 2012

Sneak Peek behind the photoshoot of KOSMO

Here are some sneak peek pictures during the photoshoot for KOSMO. I was modelling for my own handmade headband and story for my pretty headband. Stay tuned!!


Thursday, 30 June 2011

Go Green!

The simply bow headband is already coming to you in Green colour. Yes go green!. Do you like it? 

Price: RM 18 only#
   Colour: Combination Green & Grey.
*Hand-made by me with love*

Friday, 10 June 2011

Limited Collection : Feather Embellishment Headband

Does anyone here love feather? Good news, I am now come out with my limited collection. It's feather embellishment headband. 100% hand-made by me. Hurry up to grab this!! :)

Feather Embellishment Headband
RM 39 only#
( only 1 piece- 1st come 1st serve)
*some crystal stones and studs detailed*


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hippie Maxi Dresses (Abstract/Floral Prints -Batch 1)

Floral Prints Hippie Maxi Dress
Price : RM 65 only#
Color : Red
Fabric: Comfy Cotton
Size : Free Size (Fit S to L)
Dress Length : 52 inch long

Bust : 32-38 inch ( stretchable with elastic band)
Sleeve Length : 23 inch
Dress Length : 52 inch

Dots Prints Hippie Maxi Dress
Price : RM 65 only#
Color : Dark Green
Fabric : Jersey Lycra (very comfy)
Size : Free Size (Fit S to L)
Dress Length : 52 inch long


*please refer to picture above,it's same measurement.*

Abstract Prints Maxi Dress
Price : RM 65 only#
Color : Combination blue & purple/pink
Fabric : Jersey Lycra
Size:Free Size (Fits S to L)
Dress Length : 53 inch long.


*please refer on picture above, it's same measurement*

Hippie maxi dresses is just up on Shop @ The- Fashion and I. This is the first batch. So hurry up!!. Let's be hippie!!

Style tips: To look hippie chic, please wear a hair accessory like a thin double layered headband or miscellaneous headband which have feather or tassels. Also, do accessorize your look with some extra accessories like bangles, necklace or long earring.  :)

More designs will come to you soon, STAY TUNED!!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Meet me @ Fashion Blogger Rehab Bazaar

Last minutes to announce that I will be sharing a booth  at Fashion Blogger Rehab Bazaar with Ami Schaheera from Shop Sputnik Sweetheart. For tomorrow, I am doing a very special discount for Braids Hippie Headband and Zig Zag Headband. Who purchased over RM40, will get 1 free headband. :)

Please do come tomorrow and do drop by at our booth. Do not missed out!


Friday, 3 June 2011

Crystal Bows Headband Collection

Gold Crystal Bows Headband
RM 23 only#
(gold brown crystal stones detailed)

Baby Pink Crystal Bows Headband
RM 23 only#
(black & silver crystal stones detailed)

 Fuchsia Pink Crystal Bows Headband
RM 23 only#
(light pink & silver crystal stones detailed)

Dark Grey Crystal Bows Headband
RM 23 only#
(silver crystal stones detailed)

Off-White Crystal Bows Headband
RM 23 only#
(red crystal stones detailed)

Yellow Crystal Bows Headband
RM 23 only#
(silver & turquoise crystal stone detailed)

A new collection of my hand made headband is already up here.! For this collection, I named them as a crystal bow collection. With sparkling crystal stone and 2 layered ribbon bows are lovely to put on your hair or shawl ( for Hijab girl). 

For at the moment, these headbands are available only for 6 colors like on the pictures above. Grab them now!!


Monday, 30 May 2011

Coming up soon : Hippie Maxi Dress

Hello ladies!! Does anyone here love maxi dress? Just want to share with you all, that I will bring you up for the hippie maxi dress on Shop @ The-Fashion and I as a variety stuff collection. Do you all excited enough?  The hippie maxi dresses collection will suit for all ladies either free-hair or Hijab ladies in many beautiful designs and colors. Not forgetting the price is very affordable.

Stay tuned for more updated about it and the picture collection. Will get to you shortly. :)